Beach and Estuary Management Concept

Coastal Reform

To start the discussion on coastal reform, consider the condition of Indonesia’s beaches. Currently, there is physical development being carried out in estuaries, such as moving river mouths, building jetties (current-directing buildings) in estuaries, straightening and narrowing river channels in estuaries, strengthening river banks in estuaries with stone masonry (talut) or seat piles. , as well as the construction of embankments along the river estuary and other physical efforts.

Physical infrastructure development in this estuary has started since the 1970s until now. The impact of this constructive approach to estuaries will be changes in the dynamics of coastal currents, both locally (at the construction site and its surroundings) and regionally (in other areas hydrologically affected by the construction). Another impact is a change in the ecosystem in the estuary and associated coastal areas, which results in a decrease in the fish population caught by fishermen due to a decrease in environmental quality. This causes high maintenance costs for these buildings, thus continuing to burden regional and state finances.

In 2001-2002, there was a plan for a reduction project on the Citandui River. This drainage plan aims to drain the water from the Citandui River directly into the sea, without going into the Immediately Anakan. However, this effort was halted due to resistance from the public who were worried that there would be mudflow on Nusawiru Beach and the eastern Pangandaran Beach area, as well as major changes that would occur at the mouth of the Citandui River.






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