Lightning Danger

Work Accident Prevention

The danger of lightning and the threat of lightning strikes continues to stalk us, our homes, offices and other buildings that are our assets, especially with the coming of the rainy season which is accompanied by storms. Have your assets been protected from the danger or threat of a lightning strike? If not and before it’s too late, immediately contact our Call Center at 022 87789603 / 0821 2226 2226 and 0822 4545 1919 for a free consultation and find the best Lightning solution or Lightning rod that can protect us and our assets. JAG Group already has thousands of works related to Lightning Protection Systems that are spread all over Indonesia.

One of the natural disturbances that often occurs is lightning strikes. Given Indonesia’s geographical location, which the equator passes through, Indonesia has a tropical climate, as a result, Indonesia has a very high average day of thunder per year. Thus, all buildings in Indonesia are at greater risk of being damaged due to being hit by lightning. The damage caused can endanger equipment and people in the building.

In addition to lightning being able to strike a building that has been equipped with anti-lightning or conventional lightning rods and anti-electrostatic lightning, lightning can also strike through the PLN electricity network whose cables are stretched outside and exposed. In general, open power grids like this are still in use in several countries, including Indonesia. Lightning currents that damage electrical panel devices are not caused by lightning strikes that strike directly into buildings that have lightning rods or anti-lightning installed, but rather lightning strikes hitting the PLN power grid so that these lightning currents enter the building following the power cables and damage the electrical panels.






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