Understanding APAR

Fire Theory

Fire is something that is very commonly known by humans since the beginning of civilization. But until now the definition of fire is still often debated. There are several definitions given by experts. The first is that fire is a rapid self-sustaining oxidation process accompanied by the evolution of heat and light in varying intensities. And can also be defined as the result of chemical mixing of heat, fuel and oxygen in the right proportions.

From these two definitions, it can be concluded that fire can only occur where there is combustible material (fuel), an ignition source (heat or thermal energy) and oxygen (oxidizing agent) from the air or from other sources. When these three elements are in concentrations that meet the requirements, an oxidation reaction occurs which is known as the combustion process.

Some of the heat will be absorbed by the material which then releases steam and gas which can alternately ignite and mix with oxygen in the air. This flame will continue as long as the three elements exist in a balanced concentration.






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